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Sep 20, 2010
It's "hard" to create "soft" ware. Be careful, the PHB has a cup of coffee in his hand....
Sep 20, 2010
Not quite passive aggressive, will Alice never learn?
Sep 20, 2010
I am hoping this continues tomorrow! No insolent act goes unpunished!
Sep 20, 2010
@ paul939
OMG, you made me realize it:
- Low or inexistent wages;
- Outdated technology;
- Micromanaging;
- Unfeasible delivery schedule (one night) over an absurd amount of production (a world's worth of it) at riddiculously low (free) cost
Santa is a PHB.
Sep 20, 2010
house-elves aren't all that, ask my friend. his elf hogs the internet and is terrible with the dishes
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