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Oct 23, 2010
Ah, much better punchline than yesterday's strip.

"It's essentially usury". Hmm, someone doesn't like capitalism very much.

"sounds like social security to me". No, that would be a well-intentioned Ponzi scheme.
Oct 23, 2010
Response to post by ewood. "Paying in and getting more out"...sounds like social security to me. White color style of course.
Oct 23, 2010
Thanks Scott. I didn't know it was Xmas yet. LOL
Oct 23, 2010
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Oct 23, 2010
LOL! Perfect drawing together of so many classic themes: Dilbert's complex jargony deep depressing analysis of the real value of his existence; PHB does nothing to deny it and even acknowledges his own parasitic worthlessness. But also the subtle play on the typical appraisal meeting where the PHB has nothing useful to add, but just has to put in his own petty little alteration purely to justify his role in the pointless procedure. All done with classic comedy timing as the direction of play changes in an instant :-)
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