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Nov 25, 2010
You mean "profanity"?
Nov 15, 2010
When I hear how "greedy" people are because they hate that so much of their money is taken from them (in the name of "paying" income taxes (all the while in reality, the money that they get is a petty allowance that the Feds let us have so we can continue existing), I think of the real greed and selfishness that exists in federal and corporate appropriations, which never stop growing and are swallowing up everyone. Every path and agenda leads to a final destination or conclusion, and if one simply opens their eyes and uses the big brain that they've been blessed with, it isn't difficult to see how this sort of stupidity will inevitably end in disaster for everyone.

In one sense it is funny, like in this comic, because we all have concluded that PHB is a moron, but this is precisely how the real world works today, and it is also terrifying how the real world has worked in the past, and that our past never fails to catch up with us in the end. We (civilized human beings) MUST change our old, failed ways of operating businesses and whole governments, because Marx and Keynes have failed us--something that too many folks haven't figured out.
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Nov 15, 2010
Home Run!!! This is so true it's sad...and funny.
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Nov 13, 2010
I hear stories of dumpsters full of school supplies in June. July 1, all new!
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Nov 13, 2010
The UK Civil Service used to have the same budgetary system(?) where each department had to spend the whole of its budget by the end of the financial year. A frugal department that cut its costs by 10%, say, would be rewarded by having its budget cut by that amount the following year, so what was the point? Everyone had to spend to the limit. A friend of mine who had business dealings with MOD offered his customers a solution. He'd purport to sell them something, call it a "thingummy", for the amount of money they had left in their budget at the end of the FY. Thus they'd not lose money from the next year's budget as they appeared to have spent to the limit. Later in the next FY, when they had to buy something they really needed, they'd exchange the "thingummy" for the products they needed. Thus they kept their budget up, did not waste money on frivolous items, my friend had satisfied customers with a healthy budget who'd be able to buy more from him in future.
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