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Dec 15, 2010
Ever notice how many IT people have that same look as Wally has now?
Dec 15, 2010
I would swear my stepdad and I had this exact conversation about 20 years ago, except my pet flea wasn't soup resistant...hahaha
Dec 15, 2010
Or maybe he needs the same, halfway efficient, anti-spam measure comics.com has?
Dec 15, 2010

Don't you mean "worship him MORE?" he already expects worship; being an incarnation of an ancient Elbonian god is just a bonus.
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Dec 15, 2010
What is it with the buy-my-junk-from-china spam these days? The naughty word filter scrambles words that are not naughty but this spam junk freely comes through.

Maybe Scott needs a web admin with a goatee to click the 6 buttons to fix this....
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