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Dec 23, 2010
hit me with your usb stick.... ..hit me!
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Dec 23, 2010
Time to transfer him to Sales. . . .
Dec 23, 2010
hey, there aren't any handset cups on his new fangled modem...
Dec 23, 2010
Precisely why everything should be outsourced to India!
Dec 23, 2010
Tricky - I work in software and what I have discovered is that the things you can do with software and the programming languages change.

What doesn't change are the techniques used to construct that software and make it work without faults.

The sad thing is that less experienced people keep revisiting mistakes I stopped making years ago - but wrap it around with lots of buzz words to make it sound new.
The end result is all too predictable.

Thats where the old guy is coming from.
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