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Dec 28, 2010
@ Moorkhjee: I honestly believe you wrote that to pull people's legs and oblige them to "explain" to you! I gave you a thumb up. Tell me it is so!
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Dec 24, 2010
This is classic Charles Schulz.
Here, Dogbert is playing the part of Lucy, and Dilbert is Charlie Brown.
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Dec 24, 2010

In the middle panel, Dilbert is saying "How can you enjoy the conversation of others if you don't listen?" Dogbert is saying over him "This could be one of the best ideas I've ever had." The talking over is the point.
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Dec 24, 2010

I was confused by that at first too, but then I realized that's the idea, dogbert is talking over dilbert
Dec 24, 2010
Is Dogbert trying to imitate Chris Matthews?
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