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Jul 25, 2011
Mammary filter... I like that word, gonna use that.
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Jul 13, 2011
That's why you must always hire "booth babes" for *any* big trade show.
Mar 7, 2011
Oh, That was when I was reading in "Ascending" order. And the effect with the blank order is gone because my post is on the last page.
Mar 7, 2011
Just a note to the Webmaster; It seems to confuse the page layout when flagged comments are removed. Not only does this page say it is showing 16-20 of 23 comments, when there is only one comment here (two when I post this I presume). But the next page will have no comments and the “display only my comments” option shows on top of the number buttons to select which page to jump to.
Mar 5, 2011
messing up in latin is multum OFFICEre!
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