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Mar 20, 2011
We should all rub Wally belly (or perhaps his bald head) for luck.
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Mar 20, 2011
i thought wally is not lazy but useless.. but this strip he says he is lazy.. inconsistency in character? or may be he is just a liar :)
Mar 20, 2011
This episode reminds me that the CIA has Weapons of Mass Disfunction.
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Mar 20, 2011
A totally deliteful (check etymology) strip. Indeed, the Buddha wears jogging shorts, but we rarely see him that way.
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Mar 20, 2011
@ps_levesque: Your concern is appreciated; but Gautama Buddha wasn't establishing a religion, he was communicating a science. Considering the famous koan, "Does a dog have Buddha Nature?" and the adage, "The Buddha is a dried dung-stick," I question whether the patriarchs would feel dissed by the above. They might, however, ask whether Wally's cup is empty, or full, or overflowing.
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