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Mar 21, 2011
This kind of behaviour is not uncomman. Even if you dont act like Alice, stuff thinks you are taking advantage of situation.
Mar 21, 2011
She obviously didn't hear about the "Dilbert-Principle".
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Mar 21, 2011
Alice seems to understand: With great power comes great responsibility... oh wait... well, at least she's enjoying it!
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Mar 21, 2011
@marcelhoekstra re: "Why is Alice saying 'better than you' five times while there are only four visible participants to the meeting apart from herself?"

Back in Shakespeare's day there was a popular painting of two horses looking backward over their shoulders at the viewer; obviously the part of the horses closest to the viewer was their rumps, and the horses were smiling devilishly. The title of the painting was, "We Three."
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Mar 21, 2011
No need to be rude to us readers...
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