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Apr 6, 2011
yohannbiimu: Thank you for your concern about my educational opportunities. I'm sure I would find "American Civics" very interesting. Let me respond by pointing you to the "open source" community. Not entirely relevant but interesting non the less.
At some point we decided that the federal government was good for some things, national defense for instance, and regulating international commerce. As it turned out, it's also good for helping with broader environment and social issues. Labor rights for multinational corporations is another thing that I really don't see the STATES dealing with adequately.
My point is, we are powerful as a nation. We are weak when we are divided. When facing someone who is attempting to own every radio station, TV station, and news paper on the planet (exaggeration I know), we need powerful representation.
What's the difference between an oligarchy and an aristocracy? It may appear we have both, but in reality, one is far more powerful than the other.
Apr 6, 2011
No subtle banking crisis reference today... the red thumbs should breath a sigh of relief!
Apr 6, 2011
... but isn't that Rocky the Scwirl on the desk there? And is that Bambi on the wall? I wonder when the guy is going to finish with BigBird.
Apr 6, 2011
@ yohannbiimu, corporations were not the idea of anyone (let alone Fascists) in the “early 20th Century". Altough there were forms of corporations much earlier, they grew to become common in the first half of the 19th Century. They were essential to the growth of laissez-faire capitalism. Whether you like corporations or not, those are facts. It could be argued that the Fascists in Germany could not have come to power without the help of capitalists and corporations, but I won't bother. It is another fact though, that capitalists using their corporate wealth were among Hitlers early supporters.
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Apr 5, 2011
LOL, I like this strip, so many possibilities of where to next. Will the PHB's eye's unglaze in a hurry when the taxidermist goes to insert the first handful of stuffing? Will Alice actually get away with it and have a stuffed dummy as a boss? Will anyone notice the difference?
[sits back in anticipation and waits for tomorrows strip]
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