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May 11, 2012
Dogbert, is that you? Tell me about "a libertarian communist". I'm real curious how that would work.
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May 11, 2012
Communism and libertarianism aren't even on the same socio-political axis. You could be a libertarian communist, or an authoritarian communist, or a libertarian capitalist, or a authoritarian capitalist, or, usually, somewhere in-between.

I'm not very optimistic, so I must be incredibly dumb, because I'd prefer a less authoritarian government. Bring on the ridicule, oh great and knowledgeable one.
Nov 23, 2011
"...and everybody makes fun of libertarians." No, not everybody. That's the trouble with this world. Not enough people make fun of libertarians. More people should; they are a lot like communists (just backwards). Both are way too optimistic. You have to be either hopelessly optimistic to be either one: that or stupid... so it should be easy to make fun of either.
Nov 22, 2011

LangstonB was being sarcastic, for the love of god what's the matter with your brain? If you're too retarded to understand the simplest humor, maybe you shouldn't be on here preaching your half-baked (as you yourself admit was posted while you were stoned) political ideologies and saying that Scott Adams, a genius and genius humorist, is retarded because he made fun of libertarians. He makes fun of everybody, and everybody makes fun of libertarians. If you can't take a man like Scott Adams making a joke about libertarians you're probably safer getting the heck off of the internet.
Apr 16, 2011
Solearis seems to have forgotten that "the most optimal" isn't the same for everyone. I believe his whole thinking system is flawed. Maybe he should get back to us when he finds an algorithm that tells him when to use "then" and when to use "than".
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