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May 12, 2011
I think that while the PHB is still a hand puppet, why not explore how this has affected the other aspects of his life. Does someone take him home at night? No one noticed he wears the same clothes every day? (My wife would notice theses things)
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Apr 8, 2011
All Dilbert and Wally et.al. need to do is figure out a way to reprogram the PHB so he agrees with everything the engineers say to him - other than that they would just leave him on standby, which is close enough to the original PHB for government work....have a great weekend everybody.....khp<><
Apr 7, 2011
damn filter filtered out c o c k roach
Apr 7, 2011
Personally I'm hoping that PHB's reanimation comes in the form of a new cybernetic body, hacked up out of components left from failed projects. The brain could come from some random vermin found around the office, a !$%*!$%*! or something.

Although a !$%*!$%*!-brained PHB might struggle to formulate speech to the same level as the old PHB, but would still make just as much sense. I'm sure he would be equally or slightly more competent at management. His eating of garbage might be a little disturbing though.
Apr 7, 2011
Considering that many of the engineers just wouldn't bother working if they had no supervision whatsoever, some of those Engineers (like Dilbert) must be _really_ productive without the PHB pestering them and getting in their way. Imagine how much work would get done if they were _all_ working without PHB getting in the way.
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