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May 10, 2011
The "G" might stand for: Good Gosha Mighty, Been a Long Time Comin', or something like that to us completely non-technical types...
May 10, 2011
and I thought we was still on 3G! When did 4G come around?
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May 10, 2011
In this case, "G" stands for "Gaffe."
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May 10, 2011
4G does NOT stand for LTE. Also, it is not a marketing term, although it has been hijacked by marketing. 4G is a technical specification. There is a committie that writes the specification and determines explicitly what standards must be met to call your technology 4G. Among other things, a network must provide download speeds of 100Mb/s in order to call itself 4G. LTE Advanced is currently the only technology in the United States that has been certified as 4G. No cellphone carrier in the US has the technology, and hence no carrier has 4G service. Verizon's LTE network is not the same thing as LTE Advanced (and has not been certified as 4G), although it can be upgraded and probably will be in 3 to 5 years. As it stands right now, their network does not provide anything even remotely close to 100Mb/s, and neither does any other carrier.
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May 10, 2011

Dude, your "Long story short" was way too late (you already made it a too long story).
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