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May 31, 2011
At My old job in a customer service department, the award lost a lot of credibility when it became apparent that it was being given on a rotational basis.
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May 30, 2011
TheShadowNose, "male preference"??? the reality of 40y feminism and its effects really passed you by unnoticed, didn't they???
May 29, 2011
Let's just say that The team has fighting spirit...
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May 29, 2011
@StockTrader - Actually the "essence" is captured in the phb's first four words in the last panel. A period could be placed right there. ("I don't know why.") Obviously, even the first three are sufficient to establish his cluelessness - which @sianddonna explained so clearly.

And certainly there is no morale improved when the classic final stage of a project occurs:

Punishment of the Innocent and Reward for the Uninvolved

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_the_5_stages_of_a_project#ixzz1Nm0wVhES
May 29, 2011
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