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Jun 4, 2011
Why did lemmein get so many thumbs down for describing the problem . . . exactly!

I mean no irony or sarcasm - but that is the issue. Increase profits by utilizing cheap labor.
Jun 3, 2011

Combine your truth nugget re: terrible reading comprehension with a general lack of clear communication in writing, and you have the winning formula.
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Jun 3, 2011
I can hardly wait to hear/see what this guy has to say when he meets the Fist of Death....
Jun 3, 2011
Often, it's not so much an inability to "debate" as it's people's terrible reading comprehension. We are a nation of functional illiterates.
Jun 3, 2011
Scott Adams = Pure genius! I've left many a forums because of ppl like that, who, when they don't know to give a proper answer to a question, just say some rubbish like that.
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