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Jun 27, 2011

I think both Dogbert and Catbert are hiding from Kibble. His/Her fascination with animals in corrective visionwear is a little creepy...
Jun 25, 2011
@khpage - It is not PHB's computer that is listening/watching him. It is Google. There is a saying amongst a lot of tech journalists. It goes something like 'Google's watching you.'
Jun 24, 2011
i like this one. does PATH-E-TECH stand for pathetic?
Jun 24, 2011
Where's Dogbert these days? Or Catbert? I don't think I've seen a comic with Catbert speaking in months...
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Jun 24, 2011
@khpage: Not surprised PHB's computer is listening in - Google is working on an app to do that using every computer mic online. All the more for their database...
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