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Jun 25, 2011
The rest of us can play, too:

"They could never replace the entire HR department with a script one of the interns wrote in Visual Basic during his lunch break."

It's not as easy as I thought; I had to stifle laughter twice for that one sentence.
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Jun 25, 2011
Or as one of our bosses said: "If you can't come to work with a smiley face, then maybe you shouldn't be working here."
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Jun 25, 2011
Is the evil Catbert trying to teach the PHB how to whistle?
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Jun 25, 2011
Really wonder, who'll buy those products if people aren't employed and getting salaries.

Looks like we are going to have two parallel economies:
1. Corporations buying-selling among each other making billions & trillions of dollars.
2. Primitive agricultural economy for the rest, to be able to keep themselves alive.
Jun 25, 2011
This reminds me of a song that only tangentially has anything to do with this strip (and, even then, probably not) :

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