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Jul 1, 2011
@ivycomptonburnett and georgeglass

That 'dog' is Dogbert. What has been people fascination with Dogbert's glasses lately?
Jul 1, 2011
Shades of Teminator III - is Alice really an android?
Jul 1, 2011
That Sibblekmith is wearing a strait jacket?
Jul 1, 2011
Am I the only one who is reminded of the Monty Python Spanish Inquisition skit?
"Our two chief weapons are the Cannons of the Eyes, the Loving Elbow of Correction, the Imminent Threat of the Withholding of Marital Intimacy... Our three chief weapons are..."
Jul 1, 2011
You clearly don't know some of the women of my family (and you don't want to, they can make eye contact from your back)
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