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Jul 5, 2011
I ask too many questions, too. I hate unclear direction. I am perpetually loath to make a decision myself, because invariably, the boss will say he wanted me to do the thing I didn't choose...
Jul 3, 2011
My friend owns his own business. He always calls me and complains about people asking him dumb questions or not taking responsibility for anything. Once I get off the phone with him, I realize why people asked him questions and do not want too take responsibility. Part of being a leader is telling people what to do, answering questions even if you think there mundane as well as being clear about what your needs and expectations are. People are not psychics and the only people that get you that much is you mom, dad, husband and wife. We can even baffle those people as well. If the site of on coming employees make you grimace and mumble responses, then maybe you should not be a leader. Im off my soap box.
Jul 3, 2011
Nailing jelly to a tree is an acquired skill that Dilbert needs to acquire.
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Jul 3, 2011
For me, depending on my mood, I may answer "Can I ask you a question?" with, "Yes, but I may not answer it...(long pause as I get a dirty look)... so ask away." *smirk*
Jul 3, 2011
The rest of the time, in the last panel PHB would have just said, " - - -."
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