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Jul 7, 2011
@Ingmar: Wally is just a stupid lazy git, not a role model.
Jul 7, 2011
@HPoe: you're on the right track, but you forgot the 'mention Wally' rule.
Jul 7, 2011
Algorithm for (insert)-bag comment:

1. Get annoyed at comments referring to a comic strip.
2. Complain about others commenting on how they identify with said strip .
3. Don't add anything original.
4. Test.
5. Refine if necessary.
6. Repeat in next strip.
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Jul 7, 2011
Ok. This conversation would be impossible with Wally involved: work as a reward ...
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Jul 7, 2011
Algorithm for getting the top comment.
Put a comment about how this happens to you and finish with a complaint about spammers.

This happened to me I got to pick up the janitor job.
I wonder if we could save a ton of money by using spammers as a type of alternative energy?
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