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Jul 11, 2011
All your projections are belong to me!
Jul 11, 2011
I see those glases on dog today..
Jul 10, 2011
The PHB has a standard tick form:
"Are the projections realistic? (Tick only one box)
[] Very unlikely [] Most unlikey [] Most likely [] Very likely"

There is no middle box as almost everyone would tick that box.
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Jul 9, 2011
Send the projections to Elbonia for further analysis, and by the time they get back, if ever, everything will have been forgotten. Talk about maintaing a low stress evironment....
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Jul 9, 2011
Another good answer is "stochastic":

1. It sounds like you did a lot of analysis.
2. Non-engineers are not likely to challenge the results.
3. Engineers understand the results are really just a fancy guess.
4. You can claim both realism AND optimism.
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