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Oct 30, 2011
5 stars. This deserves 5 stars.
Jul 14, 2011
Response to Hokuloa:

Doing a good job on something that someone else will get credit for is crazy. If you do a bad job, that might get back to you. My suggestion is find the point where its not good enough or bad enough to get mention.
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Jul 13, 2011
Sadly I fell prey of being offended by comment at work the other day... Only the coworker mentioned in a meeting that no one was as good or as fast as a particular individual at a certain task... I've been irritated because I do her work and keep getting stomped on.
Jul 12, 2011
He spells just fine. Look it up. Or do you assume that every poster is from the USA?

Jul 12, 2011
Wally is a bastion of rationality! His whole existence and behavior is a living, breathing proof of rationality! If Dilbert was being sarcastic I'd give him my fist of death.
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