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Jul 11, 2011
hmm... he's going too far. Wally is a better womanizer candidate imho
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Jul 11, 2011
Tina needs to get a perpetual cup of coffee like Wally, (and occasionally Dilbert) so she can handle high stress environments. The Zen of Wally is BEYOND rational and explained only with great difficulty, if at all.....if she becomes a student of Wally she might quit her job on the spot...
Jul 11, 2011
If Tina was for example, an engineer, some coworkers would also call Ted "Mr. Engineering" in Tina's presence.
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Jul 11, 2011
Why not file a hostile work environment case against Tina?
Jul 11, 2011
Thank you so Much! Not everyone is a passive-aggressive coward. Now plaster this on every wall in the nation! The people of this nation are more self-centered every day. I've had people think I was talking about them while telling them of an experience in My life.
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