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Aug 7, 2011
While some Dilbert readers might find Dogbert's comments in this strip "cute," I can assure you that those of us who are ethical public relations professionals do NOT.

The Public Relations Society of America very clearly states in its "Code of Ethics" (www.prsa.org/AboutPRSA/Ethics/) that the ethical public relations professional will work to "protect and advance the free flow of accurate and truthful information" AND to "strengthen the public's trust in the profession."

The manipulative recommendations proposed by Dogbert in no way reflect the activities and actions of those of us who have made it our life's work to practice...and to teach...ethical conduct as THE way to go through life.

Kirk Hazlett, APR, Fellow PRSA, Member, Board of Directors, Public Relations Society of America
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Aug 7, 2011

AND, dogbert can lick his own b a l l s, sounds more like triple-dipping.
Aug 7, 2011
Even though Dilbert's tie is always up, in the last panel it looks like it is flying up with astonishment.

No, Dilbert, there are absolutely NO ethics here!
Aug 7, 2011
Now that's "double-dipping" at it's finest! Well played, Dogbert.
Aug 7, 2011
King Dogbert, Ruler of Reality 2.0
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