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Aug 9, 2011
I see Wally actually did some work - he picked up his coffee cup....
Aug 9, 2011

I remember getting a participation trophy way back in the day for being in a t-ball league. I was honestly kind of embarrassed because it felt like the fact that our team had lost every game was just being rubbed into our faces. Oh well, I recovered...
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Aug 9, 2011
To the promoters of the Participating Trophy.
Winning is a force of life. Ask any sperm how life treats the non-winning participants.
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Aug 9, 2011

rtstone should bail out of that relationship right now.

Without delay.

It will only get worse.


I think the point of the comic is that it is the attitudes that have been promoted in public schools in the name of "self esteem" that have produced a culture of arrogance and psychological need for continual behavior reinforcement.
Aug 9, 2011

As much as I agree with you on the folly of raising children without realistic expectations and boundaries, from a single mother's perspective, I must say that if you continue to criticize the parenting style of someone who is raising children that don't belong to you, you're likely signing the death warrant on your relationship. You might want to consider stepping with caution in such boggy ground. I wish you luck.
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