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Aug 23, 2011
@knif, 2nd-hand actually. A bit like how I avoided getting started on cigarettes through seeing how miserable and bad-tempered my Dad was when he couldn't afford a packet of !$%*! perhaps I avoided marriage through seeing how it affected some friends and relations. As a woman said to me once, "are you a bachelor?" When I said I was, she said, "I thought so - you looked so content."

Of course, you might also think that no woman of sound mind and good eyesight would have me!

Perhaps Dilbert should marry this vendor; it will probably be the only chance he'll get!
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Aug 23, 2011
Maybe this is how Dogbert feels about Dilbert?
Aug 23, 2011
Actually, I think I might like to have a few creepy vendors. I hate laundry...
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Aug 23, 2011
I was always suspicious of vendors who gave me their cell number and said "Call me anytime 24/7."
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Aug 23, 2011
@Cloddy, Sounds like someone has gone through that first hand...
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