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Jun 19, 2013
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Sep 7, 2011
I rather enjoy being an interviewer, it's fun to weed out tools. Many of them get "creative" on their resumes. Ask them a few innocent questions about their accomplishments and it turns out they are more creative than productive (they are lying like a rug.)

@scrumpy - I modded the spam down AND flagged it as spam. Why didn't you consider that possibility?
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Sep 6, 2011
If he answered with "what do you mean by creative?", the fist of death would be rapidly forthcoming....
Sep 6, 2011
A: I am creative enough to achieve extraordinary results, yet naive enough to let other people take the credit.
Q: When can you start?
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Sep 6, 2011
@Scrumpy: I actually took the time to register to tell you to STFU. My god! You had to click a button and/or scroll passed some spam?! Your day must be ruined!
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