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Sep 16, 2011
PHB's corpspeak directive reminds me of when I worked at McDonald's in high school. It wasn't a "rag", it was a "cloth." We didn't make "fish sandwiches," we made "filets." We didn't fry things in "grease," we fried them in "shortening." But when you were "fired," you were"fired."
Sep 16, 2011
"As it turns out, the electro-shock isn't as bad as we thought, because you would've turned into a smoking skeleton in an earlier strip"
Sep 16, 2011
Car dealer: "As it turns out, notice how the power steering engages when you turn the wheel."
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Sep 16, 2011
"As it turns out, our customers have the opportunity to experience the electrifying nature of our products."
Sep 16, 2011

Nice one ! Kinda reminds me on

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