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Oct 12, 2011
Scott Adams has an absolute gift of publishing the perfect strip at the perfect time.
Oct 9, 2011
Why is Wally inventing technology that makes his own job obsolete?
Oct 8, 2011
Wally is definitely in the top 1%. No one seems to know if that's a good or bad thing.
Oct 7, 2011
Since we are talking about history......

Long ago in the 80's, engineers came in two flavors. You had the college pony tails and the ex-military with the coffee cups.

For the ex-military guy the "cup of joe" thing was serious and they were known to take their coffee cups to the bathroom (yet they would never wash them). They were mission driven and would stay with a project until the horse was beaten properly. Most of theses guys retired unable to extend their index finger after 40 years of holding a coffeee cup. (I got nerve damage in my index and have graduated to Styrofoam)

I have secretly suspected that Wally is ex-military from my generation and feel qualified to say Wally is just what happens when bad management does not give a clear direction of what your mission should be (some of you may not understand this old thinking. Sorry). So now Wally is just having fun at the PHB's expense.

Inventing a robotic arm holding a coffee cup is just his way of passing the time. He probably has a military retirment, so he is just coasting along now hope is for the PHB to get promoted or offer him a package to leave.

(this is suppose to be funny, so don't flame me)
Oct 7, 2011
@GunnyFreedom I seriously doubt that you were on the internet with a Mac using nothing but Netscape in 1986.

@others using a modem & terminal program that connects to a machine that has internet access isn't the same as having internet protocols running on your computer. You could take a commodore 64 with a modem and access the internet, because you're using the computer as a dumb terminal. I'm absolutely certain that Apple didn't incorporate IP networking on any MacOS prior to 9. MacOS 7 (I think it was still called "Finder" in those days) and MacOS 8 only supported IP networking with a community-written add-on. I had to support Macs on a network in 1997 and was really surprised by this. Macs had such amazing networking (AppleTalk) built into the original Macintosh, that it was shocking to see how far behind they were.
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