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Oct 9, 2011
From personal experience I can state that modesty (i.e. being nice) does not pay. Blowing your trumpet (i.e. being aggressive) certain does.

It is better to learn this way earlier in life than to hear the boss say this in an appraisal discussion - "So if you did such a great job why didn't you highlight it back then?"
Oct 8, 2011
Don't fall for the PC crap that testosterone causes aggressive behavior. And we are not talking about steroid abuse. Quite to the contrary. As a man ages, hormone production drops off causing health problems. Testosterone replacement therapy prescribed by an MD (Kaiser is too PC to prescribe) decreases body fat, increases muscle strength, better cognitive function, increased libido, increased memory, 60% decrease in heart disease and improved sense of well being. Do not believe the PC crap about testosterone. Properly levels of male hormone with blood samples done every three months will produce great results in more productive level of living.
Oct 8, 2011
Hmmm, yeah....I started at the same time/pay with an aggressive jerk....he was getting paid more and still eventually quit for more.

So far the testosterone shots I've been getting haven't helped me get paid more....though they are complaining that they can't refill the position, because they can't get anybody to apply for what I'm doing at the pay that I'm getting.
Oct 8, 2011
Why bother with steroids Ritalin is just as available If you can make past the suicide/
depression part and get the dosage doubled you can get the full affect of Dr Hyde aggressive
behavior sometimes unfortunately leading to homicide but details details. On a sadder note
I will miss Steve Jobs. When he was younger I thought he was just another sales front man who
hogged the glory of the real geniuses of Apple especially Woz but in later years he showed his
genius in leadership and vision.
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Oct 8, 2011
I wonder what the man's dog would think if his extra income and hormones prompted him to buy a Rottweiler.
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