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Oct 29, 2011
This is a sort of paraphrase of a very old joke: in which, the doctor gives the patient to get his common cold converted to pneumonia. The doctor has no cure for cold , but he has effective drugs against pneumonia.
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Oct 29, 2011
As long as they are people interns, yes.
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Oct 29, 2011
We are a doctor, all right? So, we should pick every situation going on, think about it, and at least try to figure out the problem.
Evolution was a good topic for us yestarday. I do not know why you are angry. Not my intention insult you, its never fits me.
I have already told you 1 thousand times the simplest thing that everybody knows. Take your time doctor! Fix your flying car then let the apple explore the blue sky :)
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Oct 29, 2011
The problem with the current direction of our economy is that it stopped trying to find products to fix problems and instead began creating problems and offering "solutions"
Oct 29, 2011
If a doctor would ever say something similar to me i'd question whether one pill is red and is blue ..
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