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Nov 25, 2011
I worked in an office where this happened. I used to do ad sales. We were on commission, until the owner realized we were outselling him. Now, he claimed to be the "World's Best Salesman" -- Willy Loman, anyone? -- so, just to prove how bad we were, he took us off of commission and made us salaried.

Afterward, he couldn't figure out why our sales figures dropped, and he was having to work harder than everyone else in the place! Ha!
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Nov 25, 2011
Bankers ?
Nov 25, 2011

I wanted a nice red hat too but apparently now I'm some kinda Certified System's Administrator... but I still don't have that red hat... I've heard there is something similar to the red hat tho, it's called Fedora, I wonder if that comes in red!
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Nov 25, 2011
Ha ha ha!

I tried to book a appointment with my boss a couple of weeks ago, but he was so afraid to face my geen awesome product 4s system.
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Nov 25, 2011
I've seen a lot of ads on the internet lately advertising Red Hat. I thought it might be cool to have a red hat that said"Red Hat" just for the redundancy. So I clicked on their ad. Now I'm not even sure if they sell hats.
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