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Dec 16, 2011
The amazing thing is that the PHB is aware that this is awkward, out of character. Why did he not leave saying he had to go and adapt the staff budget for next year. He has not fallen in love with Carol, I hope? Please Scott, no PHB-Carol intimacy, the mere thought is already !$%*!$%*!$%*!
Dec 16, 2011
Come on, Scott, now you're just being Siri.
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Dec 16, 2011
He wont be able to pretend he is busy in meetings with that thing answering back.

I'm thinking back to the Dilbert/Wally sketch with the voice activated computer that ended with the command "Delete a file"

This one might miss out the first word of "Don't tell my wife I'm away playing golf"
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Dec 16, 2011
i guess that's it for the secretary.

and i can see a lot of pointless meetings in the future.
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Dec 16, 2011
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