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Jan 3, 2012
I told you when you fell asleep during my speech on operational priorities.
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Jan 3, 2012
With the PHB'S attitude, no wonder Wally keeps such a low profile. On a practical basis, why not get into the boss's computer and delete your address from his list? Being there, but not there, the Zen of Wally.....
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Jan 3, 2012
@usessimpletools - that's what you get for arguing with women (over anything.) correct response is "yes dear."
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Jan 3, 2012
@vurnun: the correct term would be "bit-slapped"
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Jan 3, 2012
I'm pretty sure there is/should be a tense in English called the "Vice Presidential Future". All statements made by management which sound to the naked ear as if they were in the past, but actually refer to some future unplanned activity are in this tense. Unless you know the tense exists then you are in for a very bad career. See example above.

BTW, it also translates quite well to home life as in "Yes darling, of course I booked the babysitter" as five seconds later you are on the phone to Mandy.
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