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Jan 9, 2012
@dorkbert - This particular employer was in no position to call anyone on being politically incorrect, thus giving rise to the crazy notion of keeping a snake and feeding it mice with the names of 1) a male boss who publicly commented on the size of a subordinates breasts and 2) defending another man who tried to force himself into a female colleagues hotel room at a conference.
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Jan 9, 2012
Time for the red-tied guy to delegate the construction of an anti-robo shark to Dilbert and Wally. Alice's reaction should be spectacular....
Jan 9, 2012
oh man, lame. better give the chimp that is writing this stuff better bananas.
Jan 9, 2012
Yea this was kind of a cheap rip off of early Saturday Night Live.
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Jan 9, 2012
@MillionMonkeys: I had a Dilbert moment.
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