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Jan 10, 2012
ok...ok...I am slowly gathering parts. Actually I think we can make RoboShark fly.

I know we can do this....ok...RoboShark has already got vertical and horizontal stabilizers...er...fins, and RoboShark is bullet shaped, thus, already a Dynamic lifting body that can accelerate to MACH-3 in less than 10 seconds; over course, this would require the motor off my Garden-Weasel, but none the less it is plausible!! -really I am serious!!!

I already found an 800 watt microwave oven and few Infrared T.V. remotes that we can use as the RADAR navigation & I.R. detection system.

Isn't this AWESOME!!!

Man, with these amazing ideas, I'm cooking with Crisco right about now, but as for the grammar, dying a slow painful death! >)
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