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Jan 20, 2012
Well, at least Dogbert is not wigglin his tail... Yet.
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Jan 20, 2012
But it is also possible that Scott will leave Wally be for a longer time just to use his new status to point out some obvious things in current society...
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Jan 20, 2012
@wilo: Dogbert will invest into Dogbert & CO. I think this company will be about to
close right after Wally's portfolio enters its gate :)) We in our country say: Easily get, easily
Jan 20, 2012
And thanks to our wonderful "401(k)" regulations, most people are required to entrust that portion of their retirement in the hands of fund managers, whether they want to follow a simple index or not. It's win-win for the fund managers, again!
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Jan 20, 2012
Step 1: Buy some politicians.
Step 2: Buy some judges.
Step 3: Buy the President.
The funny thing is, Step 3 is the easiest, and legal too.
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