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Feb 11, 2012
If you haven't practiced this speech in the bathroom mirror sometime in your life, you aren't human. just kidding
Feb 4, 2012
Sorry, but anyone who uses the word "Democrat" as an adjective triggers the word "illiterate" in my head.
Feb 4, 2012
'Power to the Lazy'... LOLZ!!! Hhahahahahaha.. Naw - thats not going to happen. And even if it does, the unscrupulious will wind up weilding it anyway, because the lasy will mearly deligate it to them... Waist of effort... Lolz... : D
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Feb 3, 2012
Isn't practicing a speech about laziness a contradiction?
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Feb 3, 2012
Wally the political evangelist - so much for the Zen of Wally. Haven't seen him this animated in a long time. I think that the pink pocket on Dilbert's shirt in the first panel was put there by the cartoonist to see if any of us are really paying attention to the strip....
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