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Feb 16, 2012
Dilbert's personal life is getting sadder by the day and he's isolated himself more and more. It's no wonder he gets along better with Wally these days.
Feb 16, 2012
@j_l_Larson: The fact that he hasn't gone out with a girl smarter with him may not be a coincidence. Maybe the girls smarter than him are smart enough to NOT go out with him.
Feb 16, 2012
Hey Scott Adams!

Instead of replaying the old dumb girl meme, I want to see Dilbert go on a date with a girl who's smarter than him. How will he react?
Feb 16, 2012
Well, at least there won't be too many people in the world like Dilbert. We just got a demonstration that being super tech-savvy and picky about your Internet connection is *NOT* a survival trait, at least when it comes to dating.

Dilbert is going to earn himself a sort of Darwin Award -- unless he got Liz pregnant back before mobile Internet, of course.
Feb 16, 2012
Historically, nearly all programmers were women, including the first programmer in Western history (Countess Ada). Before that, "computers" (professionals whose job was to carry out lengthy calculations with paper and pencil - the source of log and trig tables before the advent of automatic computers) were nearly all women*. Until the 1970's, real men were hardware techs, hauling around disk drives the size of refrigerators. It was only when hardware began to get small enough that maintaining it was no longer a test of physical strength, than men began to dominate the programming field.

* Nathaniel Bowditch was a notable exception. A calculating prodigy turned sea captain, frustrated with the error rate in published trig tables (often fatal to ship and crew), he computed complete log-trig tables in his head for "American Practical Navigator" - later verified as 100% correct by automatic computer.
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