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Mar 9, 2012
@ Wize

I thought somebody might go completely off base like this, but to answer your question, no I don't find any of what you're on about. I am an unfortunate victim that gets dragged into office discussions and have a reputation for purposefully ignoring people and being to authoritative... or as most other people would call it, a jerk!

And before you ask, yes I am one of the highest paid engineers in the company.
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Mar 8, 2012
The reason you can't find him could be because its you.
Do you find a lot of people smile and walk backwards?
Do people phones regularly go off with an important call while you talk to them?

I used to do it a little myself. There are many people who find it difficult to tell they are boring someone to death when that person smiles, no matter what the rest of their body language says. I caught myself before I turned in to a full blown Allen.
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Mar 7, 2012
I have an actual Allen in the office. Name is spelled the same and everything. You can never have a short conversation with him... he goes on and on about anything and repeats the same stories and talking points at every conversation or meeting. We are always looking for a way to end the conversation. I sent this to a co-worker and he printed it out and made copies of it around the office. He did show it to Allen and he laughed but didnt seem to learn his lesson... he still has trapped us into long coversations. Today's strip seems like it was created after meeting our Allen.
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Mar 7, 2012
Folks like Allen are often deeply insecure, lonely people with extremely low self-esteem. They are also oxygen vacuums....
Mar 7, 2012
After reading this I started thinking about the fact we don't have anybody like that in our office where I am until I started thinking about one of our clients in the office below our own... thank you dilbert, now I will never be able to get this association out of my head!
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