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Mar 12, 2012
This is why Dilbert and Asok will never make it into management: they just cannot get into the mindset that customers and colleagues deserve what you do to them. The result is a totally unproductive guilty conscience.
Mar 12, 2012
Now is when Dilbert needs the whatever-it-is to help him puke in 10 minutes.
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Mar 12, 2012
Chairaroebics during the meeting to maintain a sense of agility when not speaking....
Mar 12, 2012
Now they're doing the 'he's-on-to-us' squirm.
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Mar 12, 2012
Asok and Dilbert are beyond squirming. Looks like the Jello dance to me LOL. I have had bosses tell me on many ocassions to appease individuals into thinking we had their best interests in heart only to forget about it after the meeting because of it's unimportance. Let's just say I have done the Jello dance once or twice as I am slithering out of the room LOL.
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