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Aug 6, 2012
I may be wrong, but isn't the main point of this strip not the fact that PHB is being a jerk and forcing Dilbert & co to work overtime, but rather that he's getting back for his employees supposed demanding of defined role descriptions?
I once worked in a company where that particular demand was raised quite loudly by the employees. It led to management initiating work to produce these documents, a complete waste of time and money. It also led to a less dynamic organization; if it wasn't in your role description, you weren't supposed to do it.
(Re-)Defining your organization is seldom the solution to the problems you're experiencing...
Aug 4, 2012
In several cases, our team worked the whole night/weekend, only to find out that the "emergency" was that the boss didn't read his mail and found out that something must be completed for tomorrow. Of course, after we completed everything, the boss read some more emails and found out the decision was later cancelled, so our work was doomed before we even started.
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Aug 3, 2012
I once had a boss who ordered everyone to work overtime, then said he would be back from his round of golf to make sure they were still there. He didn't seem to see this as less than inspiring leadership.
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Aug 3, 2012
Considering the way he treats others, I am amazed that the PHB is still alive. Perhaps both Alice and Dilbert's computers should crash and make it impossible to do the project, with the result being they leave the company about five minutes after the PHB. After that, they take some vacation days to insure the PHB's blood pressure goes to the moon....
Aug 3, 2012
Alice's hair looks like a fractal. Now that's anger.
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