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Aug 17, 2012
This has been my sad reality for the past few years. And, yes PokerGrumpy, OUR supplies problem extends to the restroom as well... FYI, I happen to work for an unnamed South European government... (with a small "g").
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Aug 5, 2012
I did work at a place that had a water cooler and usually had cups. However, when the receptionist would get water for a visitor, she would get it from the kitchen sink. That's an odd way to treat a guest....
Aug 5, 2012
If he had come to the "institute" (research & teaching) where I worked before retirement, we would have had no water in the restroom sink. I could offer him a beaker of distilled water, of course, which I was myself drinking.
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Aug 4, 2012
Dilbert could moisten the end of his tie and let the guy chew on it while they're talking....
Aug 4, 2012
If the lack of supplies extends to the restroom this strip is going to take the word "awkward" to a new level.
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