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Aug 6, 2012
The only reason Wally is there is because he was poached from another company. If he moves, he will have to demand better coffee and a room with a view. As a last parting shot, he could write a letter to the CEO telling him that the PHB begged him to stay - the Zen of Wally...
Aug 6, 2012
Is Dilbert fault for weaponizing Topper; weaponizing Wally was the next obvious step.
And I am pretty sure that doesn´t work for PHB because of Geneva Convention or something.
Aug 5, 2012
Wally doesn't put in enough effort to be considered a hideous disease. Benign tumour, maybe.
Aug 5, 2012
So now we know how PHB got here.
Aug 5, 2012
PHB doesn't know how to use a computer LOL. That is probably the reason that Wally wasn't poached.
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