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Sep 26, 2012
@Wize - hey, if you intend sharing data it had better be via 8" disks, none of these unreliable new ones......
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Sep 26, 2012
A couple of things. If Dilbert were results-oriented, he might have asked "How *can* you get me the data?" As it is, he's focusing on the ossifed bureaucratic process that exists in so many organizations, and the unwillingness of his fellow drone to think outside the box. Yes, that's annoying, but one can get results even withing such an organization by staying within their limited parameters and finding out what they are comfortable with. It's a possibility that this in-duh-vidual is an obstructionist, like Mordac, but those people are relatively rare; the inept are much more prevalent than the malicious.
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Sep 26, 2012
Almost true. She doesn't imply there is a way to do it. Her answer could mean they don't give the data to other parties and its for internal use only.
But, true, they may allow the data via other routes. And the way they do it is probably from some dusty old QMS manual that states all data must be transferred via floppy disk. Probably 5.25" at that.
Sep 26, 2012
@rxantos she never used the word no. She said "we don't do it that way" which is an ambiguous answer and only inferred as a no. Dilbert never asked her how to transfer it, only to transfer it and her answer implies there is a way to do it.
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Sep 26, 2012
Why does there have to be a reason?
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