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Nov 4, 2012
whtllnew << Uh, no I did not... you missed the word "mostly" and everything starting with the word "exception", which was me trying to describe the one thing the article pointed out that separated the office from the cubicle, and the office was the one that was clearly better in that regard (as people in cubicles act as if they have the privacy of an office they are more prone to annoying behaviour compared to open space, despite that sound and smell and others travel as easily in a cubicle enviroment as it does in an open office space).
Nov 3, 2012

....Ummm...did you or did you not just say that the study shows cubicle and office spaces are equal to each other? Then why would you ask why I posted it, since Dilbert is saying he would be better in an office?
Nov 3, 2012
whtllnew << why do you say don't trust comics for advice and then post a link to a article about a psychological survey that isn't really about the same concern, but yet confirms dilberts idea of what would be better (even the headline is "There's nothing good about working in a cubicle, study finds")?

The article was talking about three different options "open workspace", "cubicle", and "office".. and mostly it seemed to be of the opinion that cubicle and office were equal to eachother, with the exception that the perceived privacy in a cubicle seem to make people less aware that they might be distracting eachother.. that to me sounds like people would be more productive in an office as they would not be a target for distraction.
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Nov 2, 2012
this was the funniest comic strip in ages
Nov 2, 2012
Folks seem to be forgetting one very important thing; never take advice on workplace organization from a comic strip.

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