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Nov 8, 2012
Click Thumbs Up if you knew on the first panel it was about Microsoft ;)
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Nov 7, 2012
@tessla. No, I'm sitting here in London, giving you a perspective from outside the USA. Even Romney's long lost cousins said they started reading the manifesto and gave up to root for Obama.

Well done America!
Nov 6, 2012
Don't forget about releasing a new operating system which has only marginal new features over the three-year-old one...

I don't know, though: If he's really talking about Microsoft, "long slide" seems to be an understatement. Microsoft still has a lock on huge portions of the "I don't know any better" market. I'll admit to still using Windows, but that's because I'm not a fan of Apple and not tech-savvy enough for Linux. About 85% of my blog's hits are Windows (with slivers of the pie going to iPad, iPhone, Android, and Linux, and a lightly larger piece to Mac), and some 40-45% are still using IE (which frankly shocks even me).

MS' complete non-presence in the mobile market will kill it over time, but it still has so much marketshare in its core sectors that there's lots of time and money to turn things around and reinvent itself. I think an MS acquisition of RIM would be a match made in heaven at this point.
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Nov 6, 2012
Would have been better if the Ugly Truth had slapped him across the face first.
Nov 6, 2012
A few days too late for a Halloween costume, but there's always next year.
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