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Nov 19, 2012
In my home office, I stream Pandora from my Kindle or iPod through a 10-year-old Monster cable attached to my circa-1980 Sanyo 2050 quartz stereo receiver, with equally vintage Mesa floor speakers in wooden cabinets. About a dozen years ago, I had the ensemble refurbished at a stereo/speaker repair shop (do they even have those anymore?), and the technician said it would be worth it, because they didn't make that kind of high-quality hi-fi components anymore. And that was 12 years ago! And by streaming separate from my home office laptop, I don't run afoul of the PHB attached to my home office!;-P
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Nov 19, 2012
This isn't really "gotcha" fees, just planned obsolescence. Which is getting shorter and shorter.
A real gotcha fee would be "Would you like a box for that? How about an instruction manual or a battery cover?" (Sorry, I forgot, manuals are all on line now.)
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Nov 19, 2012

This strategy will ONLY work if your device uses a new style plug that accepts ONLY your charger, and you change the plug style with every version of your device so suckers have to buy new accessories and not re-use ones from older versions of your product. ...Good Job Apple, Good Job!
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Nov 19, 2012
This is not new, this is from Before the birth of the USA.

The Spanish would make products that would last for decades. While the British would make a product that will last 5 years, if you where lucky. Guess which empire succeeded.

Cheaper but shi ier will always win over expensive but with High Quality. Specially if the cheaper but shi ier product looks good. Appearance always wins over substance on a consumer society.

- Words misspelled on purpose to get around profanity filter.
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Nov 19, 2012

What about all my SCSI devices?
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