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Dec 10, 2012
How do you know it isn't a family heirloom ? - My husband's is !
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Dec 8, 2012
While not suggesting that the CEO caricature is not evil or actually gives a hoot, being evil and not giving a hoot are not characteristics exclusive to the mythic 1%. Money just lets you do that which you do ... but bigger.
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Dec 7, 2012
> social disability of the 1%, unable to understand the situation they created.

Actually, I tend to think that the 1% comprehends the situation just fine, they just don't give a flying $@#%. Unable to understand implies a mental defect. Don't give a flying $@#% is just being evil, and by all indication they're damn proud of it.
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Dec 7, 2012
Many years ago I went to a small liberal arts college in Colorado. We had a completely unofficial fight song that was chanted primarily at ice hockey matches. If Asok had a hand puppet he could have the puppet sing the song, which goes like this: "How'dja, how'dja like to bite my a**".....Dilbert's reaction would be priceless, betcha...
Dec 7, 2012
@wolfy4661 : that is an extension of the "confort seeking" mechanism (that is an extension of the "safety seeking" mechanism). It is deeply rooted in feminin way of thinking, that is predominant in our occidental societies, that is why so symptomatic nowdays.
in maslow pyramid in may be translated as social belonging or some seek of power, at the very top.
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