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Dec 7, 2012
Has anyone ever seen the back of one of these watches? I think "F* Africa" is engraved in the back.
Dec 7, 2012
Actually, that was the perfect response from the CEO. He totally shut down any further discussion on the matter
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Dec 7, 2012
Why cant people just be happy with what they have instead of wanting what everyone else has?
Dec 7, 2012
This year, after giving out 2% "cost of living" increases to all employees (last year there were no increases for anybody), our CEO went on an 11-day tour of Italy. When he returned, I had to commiserate with him over his lost digital camera. A camera that cost more than my entire yearly increase.

So then... HA HA HA HA (weeps)
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Dec 7, 2012
Asok just realized he asked the wrong person for career advice.
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